Agri-Food Cluster Pohjois-Savo

Vision: Our region is a trendsetter in sustainable food production and the home of food innovations.

Agri-Food Cluster Pohjois-Savo acts as a seedbed for cooperation, the development of new ideas, development and implementation, as well as support for the industry resilience and sustainability.

Our mission is to be a promoter and coordinator for the development of the food system in the region.

Our aims are: 

  • To strengthen the food system in Pohjois-Savo
    •  Increase the industry’s innovation activities and the level of product refinement 
    • Increase the visibility and appreciation of the food production and industry
    • Bring together companies, research, training and development organizations, municipalities and NGOs
  • To develop regional, national and international partnerships
  • To share knowledge and experiences
  • To activate and support the development of cluster members by projecting development steps


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