Agri-Food Cluster provides access to a networking and cooperation platform. To promote networking, collaboration, and information sharing, the cluster organizes seminars, trainings, and networking events.   

Agri-Food Cluster assists to match project ideas with appropriate funding opportunities. The cluster can help to coordinate gathering a consortium to promote the project idea into national and international funding programs.

Agri-Food Cluster provides regularly a newsletter to inform about current regional, national, and international topics regarding agriculture, rural areas and businesses, and food sector in Pohjois-Savo. Members are welcome to utilize the newsletter for communication.

Via the Agri-Food Cluster, the members gain visibility on the cluster website and at the European Cluster Collaboration Platform. Members have a possibility to receive free publicity during events organized by the Agri-Food Cluster. As needed, the cluster can also market the members and their knowhow and/or needs in the national and international events the cluster joins.

Via the Agri-Food Cluster the members have an access to information about trends in the agriculture, rural businesses, and food sector. Needs and demands are handled by the cluster and forwarded to appropriate research, development, and counselling partners in the network. The cluster may also transfer information and demands about student projects, theses, and interns in the cluster networks.