Agri-Food Cluster North Savo

Agri-Food Cluster North Savo

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Vision: North Savo, the world’s leading sustainable rural economy region.

Agri-Food Cluster Pohjois-Savo fosters development of regional actors in agriculture and food sector for promoting vitality of the rural industries. The main aim is to develop partnerships, share knowledge and experiences, and to create project initiatives by coordinating and facilitating collaboration. 



Muutos on mahdollisuus – voimaa muutosmatkalle!

Muutos on mahdollisuus – voimaa muutosmatkalle!

Voimaa muutosmatkalle -valmennuskokonaisuus keskittyy yritysten kehittämiseen ja kilpailukyvyn parantamiseen laajasti, mutta samalla hyvin käytännönläheisesti ja…

Agri-Food Cluster Goes International 22.3.2023

Agri-Food Cluster Goes International 22.3.2023

Agri-food Cluster Goes International event with a special delegation from the Food & Bio Cluster…

Big matchmaking in Agri-Food sector coming

Big matchmaking in Agri-Food sector coming

Kuopio Region Goes Virtual is planning next big matchmaking in the Agri-Food sector with the…


Agri-Food Cluster provides access to a networking and cooperation platform. To promote networking, collaboration, and information sharing, the cluster organizes seminars, trainings, and networking events.   

Agri-Food Cluster assists to match project ideas with appropriate funding opportunities. The cluster can help to coordinate gathering a consortium to promote the project idea into national and international funding programs.

Agri-Food Cluster provides regularly a newsletter to inform about current regional, national, and international topics regarding agriculture, rural areas and businesses, and food sector in Pohjois-Savo. Members are welcome to utilize the newsletter for communication.

Via the Agri-Food Cluster, the members gain visibility on the cluster website and at the European Cluster Collaboration Platform. Members have a possibility to receive free publicity during events organized by the Agri-Food Cluster. As needed, the cluster can also market the members and their knowhow and/or needs in the national and international events the cluster joins.

Via the Agri-Food Cluster the members have an access to information about trends in the agriculture, rural businesses, and food sector. Needs and demands are handled by the cluster and forwarded to appropriate research, development, and counselling partners in the network. The cluster may also transfer information and demands about student projects, theses, and interns in the cluster networks.


Horticultural production and processing

Dairy production and processing



Input and means of agricultural production

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Municipality services




Agri-Food Cluster comprises and collaborates with several regional and national networks. Expertise in these networks is either utilized straight for the Agri-Food cluster operations or activated when needed. Click the logos for further information.


Goals - Agri-Food Network

  • To support the green transition and sustainable methods of operation in the food chain in North Savo
  • Promote mutual cooperation and internationalization of actors in the food chain
  • Expand the utilization of various digital solutions in the development of the food chain
  • To activate companies to innovate and network
  • Create new development services for the use of companies in the food chain
  • Build sustainable tools for the communication of the cooperation network

The implementation of the project is divided into the following sections:

  1. Building a network and activating target groups
  2. Mapping of the current state and future needs of the food chain
  3. Development of operating models that support innovation, as well as research and expert services 
  4. Development of a unified brand and communication and marketing model
  5. Creating a future roadmap and operational models
  6. Management and communication 


Ardita Hoxha-Jahja


Cluster Manager

Research Manager

Food Business


tel. +358 44 785 6600

Kaisa Kähkönen 

PhD, M.H.Sc.

Cluster coordinator
Food Business
tel. +358 44 785 6158

Kati Partanen

M.Sc. Agr

Senior Lecturer
tel. +358 44 7856689

Petri Kainulainen

M.Sc. Stat


Agriculture and Rural Industries

Food Business


tel. +358 44 785 6635.