Rural voices forum 22.9.2021

We need YOU rural entrepreneur, developer, officer or just interested in the topic to envision together the Rural Future 2040! The Forum for European Rural Entrepreneurship Voices is based on the Rural vision 2040 work and is organised by the Rural Future EU project, supported by the Rural Network Support Unit of Finland. We would […]

Celebration of the Official Cluster Status

The Agri-Food Cluster Pohjois-Savo was just registered and approved by the ECCP. Thank you for all our members to make this possible! Now it is time to discuss what this means for the cluster and it’s members, and to plan our activities for the autumn 2021. An invitation for the get-together event on the 22nd […]

Newsletter June 2021

The first Agri-Food Cluster newsletter for the members and networks is now published and sent. The newsletter is in Finnish, but probably in the future also available in English. The newsletter will be published every 3-4 months, mainly highlighting expertise of the members and networks and events organized by the cluster and it’s networks. The […]

Workshop 25th February 2021

The second workshop for developing the Agri-Food Cluster in Pohjois-Savo will be held online on the 25th of February. Agenda of the workshop is to discuss about the aims, services, and agreements for the cluster membership. The cluster website will also be presented for the first time.

The first Agri-Food Cluster workshop

The first workshop for companies and stakeholders interested in building up the Agri-Food Cluster was organized on the 21st of January 2021. Altogether 30 participants from SMEs, regional municipalities, education and research organizations, and insurance companies attended the online workshop. After a short reminding and summary of the cluster definition and benefits, the participants discussed […]