Purest and safest food in the world! – Sustainable food production in East and North Finland

As part of EU Green Week the East and North Finland Industrial Transition collaborative, also known as ELMO, together with Food Valley network are organising a webinar showcasing how purest and safest food in the world is made!

Finland is home to naturally delicious, pure and safe food. Our geographical location at the northernmost parts of the globe, guarantee exceptional circumstances for food production such as cleanest air in the world, the best reserves of groundwater in the world and the wealth of light during the growth season.

Regions of East and North Finland collaborate on joint smart specialisation goals to promote sustainable use of natural resources in the regions and to promote growth and well-being in the entire East and North Finland. This webinar showcases the success stories from the area to foster sustainable food production.

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12 CEST –    Organic farming serving as a forerunner for the sustainable food production, Sari Iivonen, Vice President, Finnish Organic Research Institute

Traceability in Finnish Food Chain with focus in milk and meat production, Ardita Hoxha-Jahja, Research Manager, Savonia University of Applied Sciences

Food microbiological safety: new technologies and applications, Jenni Korhonen, PhD, University Lecturer in Food Science, Quality and Development, University of Eastern Finland

Berry+ partnership: Value chain analysis for increasing regional economic resilience, identification of interregional complementarities, and more effective RIS3 implementation, Jouni Ponnikas, Regional Development Director, Regional Council of Kainuu

Business case Nordic Koivu: Producing pure organic birch sap for the world, Susanna Luostarinen, Executive Vice President, Nordic Koivu Ltd.

– 14 CEST    Closing remarks, Ilari Havukainen, Senior advisor, East and North Finland EU office